What Happens When You Give Someone An Unlimited Year Membership 9Round Noda?

Last year during the holiday season, we at SweatNET decided to do one of the biggest fitness giveaways ever. Working with our partner studios we gave away over $100,000 worth of annual unlimited passes at multiple studios around Charlotte. And, no, this isn’t one of those inflated value estimates after you count interest for 10 years or anything like that – this was a really crazy giveaway.

After over 24,000 people entered we selected our winners. Each studio had one winner and then also one overall winner could visit any studio of their choosing at any time. (We will get to Christina’s story later this year).

Some people may wonder if its random or if we just select our friends for this and all of our other giveaways. We can promise you that it is a truly random process. For all of you Microsoft Excel nerds, =RANDBETWEEN(1,25000) is our friend. Sometimes someone we are close with get picked and often in that scenario we say “heck ‘em” and re-draw the winner.

Now with all of the winners having been at their studios for nearly half a year it’s time that we start checking in on them and sharing their stories. Oh, and don’t feel bad about not starting (or finishing) your New Years resolution! About ⅓ of our winners have yet to take advantage of their prizes AT ALL. Life is a real thing and there is no shame in that. But there is always an opportunity today, tomorrow, or somewhere in the future to start.

We checked in with Katie who won the unlimited year at 9Round Noda and this is what she had to say!

Q: On average how often do you attend this studio per month?
A: 1-2 times per month

Q: What changes have you noticed physically or mentally from when you started this year?
A: I am definitely more confident than I have ever been and in the best shape of my life

Q: What has been the most rewarding part about the last 6 months?
A: Pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and its been really cool to see how your skill progresses over time: things you couldn’t do on the first day become second nature after awhile and that’s really rewarding.

Q: What is your favorite class type/format?
A: I really like how no class feels the same and the classes go by so fast because you are always moving.

Q: What has been the most challenging part about the last 6 months?
A: On a personal level, its been really hectic, which makes it hard to go to Noda to workout sometimes. I wish I had been better about going, but sometimes it was just so much easier to go to the gym on campus. Now that its summer, I think I’ll be more able to get out there to workout!

Q: What advice would you give to a new person thinking about visiting this studio?
A: It’s a learning curve for sure but you don’t have to be good. The trainers (especially Daryl) are really helpful and if you don’t do an exercise exactly right its really not a big deal. Don’t be scared, just go for it!

Q: Do you have a favorite instructor? if yes, who & why?
A: Daryl! It seems like he’s always there, and he’s really supportive and will work with you one on one if you’re struggling, which is super helpful. And one thing that really surprised me was how well he remembers names. He’s got to see hundreds of people but he has relationships with all of them and remembered my name after the first meeting.

Q: Share one thing that surprised you about this studio/business?
A: The different types of clientele! There’s all kinds of different people that go, which makes it really easy to feel comfortable.

Katie has been balancing a hectic schedule but is excited to have more time this summer to up the ante! Trainer Daryl has been working with her on her skills and she’s loved seeing all the improvement. If you’re new to boxing or 9Round Noda, stop in and say hey! They’re trainers are knowledgeable and supportive and will get your heart pumping for that quick and convenient 30 minute class!