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What is SweatNET and should I join?

If you have been wondering “What is SweatNET and how the heck do I join SweatNET if they don’t tell me what the discounts are?” you are not alone! It is actually one of the most common questions we are asked. SweatNET was built to take down the barriers to living a healthy lifestyle. We do that in a lot of ways for free, but when it comes to “should I join to become a member?” we want you to be saving real money, and having fun experiencing unique events and meeting cool new people.

Studio / Business Discounts

Studios and businesses give SweatNET members deals and discounts of all varieties. We leave it up to the individual businesses to determine what their deals to our members are, but we do have one requirement. They need to be meaningful. The average savings a SweatNET member will receive (as of 4/29/18) on a “drop-in” is approximately $8.80 (each time). So depending where and how often you sweat, determines how much you save. Our members save on average $60.45 per month around town. This number does NOT include what they are also saving on free events!

Member Events 

Members of SweatNET are given exclusive FREE access to special events and classes around town. Typically SweatNET is hosting 4-6 events FREE for members each month while studio partners are ALSO hosting free classes for SweatNET members. If you make it to just ONE of these events per month (average cost to non-members $20) you are already coming out way ahead! But the more important thing for us is getting to meet you. We host these events recognizing the sweat life is a social life and we want to do it with community at the center. Oh – and P.S. We may try to break a Guinness World Record later this year at one of our events.



Walking through the doors of a fitness studio for the first time is very intimidating for anyone. SweatNET members are encouraged to, and actively engage others to sweat together and build meaningful connections with each other. SweatNET is about having fun, being inclusive, and finding the healthy balance in our hectic lives.