Working Women Wednesday

#WorkingWomenWednesday: the fitness edition, will spotlight inspirational women of health and fitness. I started this series because I admire so many women in the Charlotte fitness community and a lot of them probably don’t even know how much they motivate me.

This month’s feature is Bre Leach. Bre, a UNCG alum, has been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer for five years. Bre’s brand, JustB’nFit, is all about motivating others to live their best life and be fit while doing it. JustB’nFit is more than just lifting a ton of weights. It’s about being physically, mentally and emotionally fit as well. Here’s why Bre is this month’s #WorkingWomenWednesday feature.

Bre is not just a trainer she’s an athlete, and a talented one at that. Growing up she played basketball, ran track, and was a dancer. Her favorite sport being basketball. Despite her love for sports, her love for fitness didn’t take off until she started college. During her time at the University of North Carolina Greensboro she was working out regularly and taking part in fitness internships. After an internship at Julie Luther’s Pure Energy studio she knew becoming a trainer was exactly what she wanted to do after graduating. Those 5 a.m. clients and late nights in the gym didn’t scare her at all, they excited her!

One thing that I respect the most about Bre is that she’s real in sharing her journey with the world. She hasn’t been shy with her struggles as a trainer such as making sure that she’s training herself consistently. A lot of trainers can probably relate to this. So how does Bre stay motivated? By following other trainers and fitness enthusiasts on Instagram! She’s also motivated by her amazing clientele that give it 1,000% in their personal training sessions.

Bre has a couple of tips for anyone who is interested in a career in personal training. First, receive the proper education and certifications. Second, connect with other health professionals in your field. Third, train yourself and practice. Create a personal training plan, figure out who you want to serve, what style of training you would like to do, and how you will market yourself. Which leads me to her last piece of advice. Use social media to build your business! Sharing small tips that work for you and sharing your fitness journey with your followers allows you to build trust before you even meet them in person.

JustB’nFit turned a year old this January. In 2018, Bre is looking forward to connecting with more fitness professionals in CLT and healthy food shops as well. She is currently selling her own fitness apparel that she is drawing up herself. Bre is also working on two new projects that will be released this Spring/Summer for the city of Charlotte. So make sure to follow her on Instagram @justbnfit_ to stay in the know. If you’re interested in training with Bre you can find her email on her Instagram as well.