You Won’t Be Able to Guess Matt Weston’s Spirit Animal

Where do you teach?
CorePower Yoga – Park Road Studio

What’s your favorite quote or mantra you can’t live without?
When life shuts the door… open it again. It’s a door, that’s how they work.

You’re living your most perfect day- what does this look like?
Wake up and have 10 minutes of silence… no tv, no phone, no distractions.
Sip my hot chai tea with one packet of sweet n’ low.
Brisk morning walk with my dog, Rascal.
Watch a couple of morning episodes of Golden Girls.
Teach and/or talk a yoga class.
Have a laughter filled lunch with my work wife, Catrina.
Long hot shower.
Watch a couple of evening episodes of Golden Girls.
Good night’s sleep with Rascal snoring in my face.

Now what’s your actual typical day look like?
Hit the snooze button on the alarm at least 3 times.
Have my chai tea, but it’s lukewarm since I forgot it steeped too long.
Walk my dog, or is he walking me since he drags me into all sorts of bushes to chase squirrels.
Watch a couple of morning episodes of Golden Girls.
Emails, conference calls, and business plans to get done so I just teach or (forget the “and”) take a yoga class.
Get a couple of scoops of ice cream with Catrina and laugh at each other’s dumb jokes.
Just wash my face and brush my teeth so I don’t miss a couple of evening episodes of Golden Girls.
Fall asleep on the couch with Rascal snoring in my face.

What do you love about SweatNET?
I love the idea that SweatNET brings all types of people together to experience fitness, movement, and community. There is a place for you to connect and get fit, and with SweatNET you will find your tribe to thrive.

Where can everyone expect to see you? Gym / Studio / Park? How do they connect with you?
You will see me most of the time at the studio I manage. I truly love the staff, students, and location.
CorePower Yoga – Park Road
540 Brandywine Road #420
Charlotte, NC 28207

Our newest Midtown location opens on December 20th!
209 S Kings Drive Suite 203
Charlotte, NC 28204

What pitfalls, mistakes, or fads would you advise to newbies starting out in fitness to avoid.
Start off slow… you don’t have to go straight out of blocks and do 6-7 straight days of fitness classes in a week. Try starting with 2-3 days a week for a while… then work your way to doing more days than not with your favorite form of exercise.
Last but not least, try and experiment with different forms of classes, exercises, and studios/gyms. Don’t be afraid to try something new, because the your body is meant to move and adapt, that’s where you see true changes to your physical form.

What is your spirit animal and why?
A duck – smooth and calm on the surface of the water, but under… nothing but furious kicking for survival. LOL!!