A Weight Loss Secret Nobody Talks About

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with chewing and here’s why

  • Chewing alone can support weight loss, eliminate bloating, gas, and abdominal pain. It’s the cheap, easy way to increase health and efficiency of the digestive system and benefit overall health. Not only is your food dissected into smaller and smaller bits by your teeth, but your saliva produces a host of enzymes that further disassemble the food. During chewing, you also gain more time to alert your digestive system to start its engines!
  • Activate your digestive fires by showing gratitude for your food before you eat! Take a moment to think about an affirmation or blessing that you use around food that resonates with your values. For example. “I am grateful to have this wonderful food.” Or “My body heals and strengthens with every bite I take.”This powerful tool will actually stimulate the release of your enzymes that aid in digestion and stimulate gastric and intestinal motility.
  • Chewing also creates an automatic delay factor into a meal. Your body doesn’t figure out that it’s full until after a lag of about 20-30 minutes. This os the most precious part of every meal, precisely because it utilizes that critical time during which you can avoid dangerous overeating.
  • Enzymes in our mouth are stimulated by chewing, and the more circulating enzymes we have, the more efficiently our food is broken down, and delivered to our cells. This also helps the body to feel full and sated. The breakdown and delivery mechanisms are functioning optimally!
  • Here’s a tip- practice counting your chews with each bite for 1 meal of the day. Tell me- how many chews can you get per bite?

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