Don’t Hate, Co-create

So many of us want to chalk our experiences up to others, but the reality of it is, our thoughts, words and actions are what translate to our reality. Ever thought of a person right before they called? Or envisioned a promotion that happened in the couple weeks following? That’s you calling things in because your emotions align with it. Just as we have days where we feel ‘everything bad is happening to us’ and then get pulled over with a speeding ticket, we can also rework the algorithm by changing that pattern and connecting to our happiness, experiencing better.  When you were excited about something or wanted to hear from someone, those high vibes of love empowered the moment.

Too abstract? It used to be for my left brain. Check out this article on the law of attraction. I had an acquaintance refer to this as ‘hippie bullshit’ the other day, and I laughed out loud, because in the past I would have said the same thing. However, I’m too far in on this journey to continue recognizing in that way which is why I feel inspired to share.

I have witnessed the many ways we create our lives based on my own experiences. One of many occurrences, was when I quit my previous sales job and I knew I would have to purchase a car seeing as I had one provided by the company. I visualized down to what I considered to be the most ridiculous details, and BOOM. All that online shopping did nothing because the car literally appeared on the side of the road one day with a for sale sign in it. The most amazing part- every detail I envisioned, it had.

So how do we start to build our dreams on a regular basis? Here are a few tips in creating an abundance of happiness based on how you observe your own role in the game of life.

1) Acknowledge: Start taking the time to acknowledge how you are creating events in your life. It’s easy to play the blame game because that exonerates us from taking responsibility for ourselves. What’s happening in your day? If we take a look at each situation we are a part of, there is something that will mirror back to us what we need to learn. Whatever that emotional experience is, it has nothing to do with someone else. It’s what WE believe to be true about ourselves and the world around us. What emotions are you feeling and why? What are you thinking? How are you acting? What’s the belief you have about YOU? (which is often what we believe true of the other person or people)

2) Envision: What is that you truly want? Now that we have established that there are no rules outside of how we perceive, and we have changed our beliefs in the way we want, no desires are too wild. Giving it a try before you deny it is also part of the process. Be open. If you still aren’t open to the idea, ask yourself why you may have difficulty receiving such greatness. Do you feel undeserving? Unworthy? Where does this come from and how do we change that story?

3) Feel All the Feels: Like I mentioned earlier, it’s not necessarily the thoughts, actions and words themselves, it’s the feeling that resonates in the body alongside them. One way you can assess situations and your participation in them, is literally how your body feels. Are you tense? Are you excited? This also helps us place ourselves in situations and relationships that encourage life-changing events for the better. Envision a time when you felt the happiest you ever have or experienced the most love. Since those are both positive, high vibrational emotions, take those and connect them to thoughts about what you want to bring into your life. Open your arms and let…it…flow…in.

4) Detach: Let go out of the outcome. It can be easy to think that the way we envision things to occur is the way they have to come to us or will come to us. Just as I thought shopping online for a car would be the way I would find it, happening to randomly drive past it with a for sale sign (on the way to a meeting that then was cancelled ironically) was how I was led to it. Let the universe know how the end result makes you feel and what it is you want, and they will take care of the rest. Have faith and be still. I still struggle with this sometimes but being persistent will eventually allow the practice to become a habit.

5) Act as if it Already Exists: Rather than saying ‘I ask the universe (or whoever it is you conversate with) to bring me a new career,’ or ‘I am manifesting a new job,’ phrase it as ‘I am so grateful that the universe has brought me a career I love and allows me the financial freedom and lifestyle I desire.’ By relying on words that indicate something is still absent in your life, you are preventing it from coming forth. In expressing it already exists (which technically it does in your heart since you have connected with the feeling of it), it is much easier for it to come knocking at your door.

Sometimes it can be difficult to wrap our minds around the simplicity of this, because our society tends to complicate things and distract us from our abilities to be such co-creators. Nevertheless, just like a can of Pringles, ‘once you pop, you just can’t stop.’ After giving this a try once, you’ll become hooked. Journal, meditate, be grateful, and participate in other ways to connect with yourself so you can be sure you understand what you want to manifest.

What’s the next 5 years look like in your head? What actions, small or large, can you begin taking to get there so the universe will support the feelings tied to it? Once you allow time to get to know yourself, you’ll know what you truly want as opposed to what you think you should want. Depending on whether you ordered the regular fry or the super-sized version (obviously i’m hungry tonight), there is always a gestational period. Be at peace knowing the magic will happen with patience and consistency.

What great things are already existing in your life?