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DREAMY SUMMER: Why Central Lake Retreat Can’t Come Soon Enough

When my three lovely co-hosts and myself were on our way home from the Lakeside Retreat, chef Abbey stated that she was sad we had to wait so long for the next retreat. We all agreed, it seemed so far away. I always feel pretty tired after hosting a retreat but I also can’t wait to do it again and I know that my co-hosts feel the same. Despite this exhaustion, I always feel inspired and grateful afterwards. People that show up for themselves and others inspire the hell out of me. I love connecting people because I think we all thrive in a loving community and I believe that we are all worthy and deserving of that type of support system.


I also love that I actually slow down a little too on these retreats. I know that I normally don’t make the time to rest and reset, to take in the view regardless of where I am, to take a deep breath and check in on how I’m actually doing, to schedule a massage or pedicure or even just wash my hair. I’ve always wanted these retreats to be an escape from the day to day. I’ve tried creating schedules that allowed for free time and diverse activities to make sure everyone finds something that they enjoy and can create their own perfect balance. I’ve been trying to incorporate some spa services so that guests leave not only feeling refreshed but also pampered. That from the beginning to end of the retreat, someone was always taking care of them. I’ve spent countless hours researching venues that I think have a “wow” factor and also provide a sense of privacy.


The venue for the Central Lake retreat is a place that I’ve been looking forward to hosting at for awhile. It has the biggest “wow” factor out of any place I’ve hosted at so far. Fieldguide Farmhouse is normally rented as a wedding venue because it’s that gorgeous. It’s a historic fieldstone farmhouse that is situated on a private and secluded lot with a huge lakefront lawn and access to beautiful Intermediate Lake which is north of Torch Lake. The whole property is not only breathtaking but also so secluded, with beautiful, big, old trees and several acres.

The house is also rented out for overnight guests on AirBnB and the owner, Lee, has no problem booking reservations because the bedrooms are cozy and stunning. I always try to make our retreats financially accessible so we have arranged for yurts to be set up for the long weekend so that guests can sleep under the stars! I’m not really into camping but I am looking forward to sleeping in a yurt because I’ll have a comfortable mattress, pillow and luxurious linens.


I thought Fieldguide Farmhouse might be too expensive to host at but when I met Lee, I knew I had to work with her. When I went to visit her property, she gave me a big hug and invited me inside for snacks and champagne. She gave me a tour and was helping me brainstorm all of the fun activities I could offer. She offered me hiking trail info and best kept secret beaches to explore. Lee is even going to let us use her barn for massage appointments, allowing us to open the large barn door so that the breeze off the lake can fill our senses. We will have kayaks and stand up paddleboards delivered for an afternoon so that guests can choose their own adventure and get on the lake for however long they desire.

I’m looking forward to summer nights around the campfire and meeting new friends. I can’t wait to lead yoga out on the lawn overlooking the lake, seriously, someone might have to pinch me. I can’t wait to spend mornings and quiet evenings out on the porch taking in the view of the lake.



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