Experience Serenity at Wanderlux Beauty and Wellness Co.

Charming. Serene. Gorgeous. Just a few words that come to mind after experiencing multiple services at Wanderlux Beauty & Wellness Co. Jessica Geerling, owner and talented esthetician, recently relocated to a spacious, beautifully renovated home off Wealthy St. in Eastown. The space is shared with Kula Yoga, which occupies two lovely yoga rooms on the 2nd floor, and Wanderlux services are offered on the main level. As soon as you walk in the door, you’re greeted with a warm ambiance, pleasant aromas, and energetic vibe. The staff is beyond friendly and will help you navigate the many services offered to determine what’s right for you. While waiting, relax in the cozy nook complete with a fireplace, soak in the calming atmosphere, and enjoy some tea. You literally will not want to leave.

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Wanderlux Services

Wanderlux offers a variety of services and I’ve had the luxury of experiencing several over the past few months. From facials and peels to brows, lashes, and body waxing/ sugaring, they have it all!

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If you’re skin needs some extra TLC, Wanderlux caters to a variety of skin types and customizes each facial so you’ll see amazing results. Treatments target pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles, anti-aging, acne, skin tone, and rosacea.  Choose from the following:

Facials Options

Ultimate, Hydrating, Deep Detox, Organic Gemstone, Acne Corrective, Sensitive Skin Facia, Back, and Celluma Red/ Blue Light Therapy Facials  

Peel Options

Vitamin C Enzyme, Pumpkin Enzyme, Mystiq Elite ‘Party Peel’, Lactic Brightening, Retinol, Ultra Detox, Glycolic Detox

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If you want some extra self-love, choose a few add-ons like red light therapy, ice globe treatment, gemstone massage, foot soaks, and hand, arm, foot massage.

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Jessica and her team genuinely care about each client and use only the best products: organic, natural, and effective. After a thorough skin analysis, they’ll cleanse, exfoliate, and target your concerns. The therapeutic massage and seasonal mask were heavenly and my skin was glowing for days!

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Every three weeks I stop in Wanderlux to get my brows mapped and colored. I’m very picky and prefer a more natural, fuller look. Madelyn, Julia, and Jessica are so talented when it comes to eyebrow shaping, mapping, and consulting. My brows are never over-plucked and after using their brow serum, have grown so much. I also love tinting my brows for a little more drama. By consistently working with the team at Wanderlux, I’ve achieved my desired results with a simple, affordable, and low maintenance brow regimen.

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Whether you’re looking for something more natural or glam, Wanderlux has you covered. I scheduled an appointment with Julia for an eyelash lift & tint and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. She basically permed and dyed my lashes to enhance my natural look . It’s not damaging, really opens up your eyes, and you can even ditch the mascara. It lasts for about 6 weeks and is completely effortless–right up my alley!

If you’re wanting to take your eyelash game to the next level with more permanent results, then eyelash extensions are an awesome option as well! Wanderlux offers Novalash full-set classic lash extensions and lash fills.

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Let’s face it, shaving is a pain and we all have unwanted body hair. If you want to remove hair effectively with little discomfort, sugaring is a must. It’s 100% natural (even edible) and a great for sensitive skin. It’s safe for the entire body and face.  

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The newest service on the Wanderlux menu is massage therapy and body treatment services with the fabulous massage therapist, Anita. I’m so excited to try warm bamboo massage therapy, which uses bamboo sticks to roll and knead your tissue to help melt away tension and stress. If you’re an athlete or need relief on targeted areas, cupping will leave you feeling euphoric and less achy. Wanderlux also offers pregnancy massage, full body or sea salt or sugar scrubs, and therapeutic/ deep tissue massage.

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Becky Haderer-Tamburello is a reiki practitioner at Wanderlux and passionate about empowering and healing women. After a few energy sessions with Becky, I felt entirely relaxed, peaceful, and at ease. I also experienced newfound mental clarity which lasted for days. She truly has a gift and will cater each therapy session based on your needs. With her intuitive soul coaching and profound questioning, I felt more confident tapping into my feminine energy and recognizing my potential. Becky’s goal is to share and practice the powerful, ancient teachings of reiki so every women can live a life physically, emotionally, and spiritually aligned lifestyle.

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Practice deep self care with a Goddess Yoni steam session at Wanderlux with Becky. Your first appointment includes a thorough consultation, 20 minutes of reiki, a card reading, and a yoni steam with a personalized and theraputic herbal blend.

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If you’re nervous about the process, Becky will make you feel right at ease. She’s informative, gentle, and reassuring. She also educates you on women’s health and empowers you to honor and serve your body. She thoroughly explains what to expect and walks you through the whole process. The actual yoni steam felt so theraputic and was a meaningful, sacred experience. I never expected it to be so magical! I highly recommend connecting with Becky to schedule a session so you can reap the many health benefits of yoni steams and Reiki energy healing!

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The infrared sauna space at Wanderlux is simply divine. The ambiance of the room, calm music, and peace & quiet feels luxurious. They also provide a robe and towels incase you prefer to shower after your session. The sauna is complete with chromotherapy (light therapy) and you can read about each color and the associated benefits. I love switching up the colors, cranking up the heat, and just allowing my body to relax and detox. There are SO many health benefits to adding the Infrared Sauna into your weekly wellness practice, including detoxification, lowering blood pressure, cellular health, weight loss, improved circulation and pain relief.


If you haven’t made it over to Wanderlux Beauty & Wellness Co. yet, you’re seriously missing out. This spot is just darling and offers a varitey of services that will make you look and feel your best. To book a service at Wanderlux or to contact for further information, visit their wesite for pricing and scheduling options: http://wanderluxgr.com

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