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Instructor Insight: MaryAnn Stancel

What classes do you teach?
I’m a Pilate Proworks instructor in South Lake Union.

How did you get into the fitness industry? 
Well I guess I’ve always had some sort of physical activity in my life. It started off with ballet, and competitive ice skating as a child, and in high school I played volleyball. Then in college I started to workout more. I hated to run but still did it because it was a challenge. After college, I began to connect with my body more and more. At one point in my life, fitness was one of the things that helped bring stability into my chaotic world due to my toxic relationship with my ex-husband. In general, I loved taking classes as it helped me to try new moves out, connect with people, and feel part of a community. I also felt strong when I exercised. I love seeing how far I can push my body, and see what I can accomplish. Fitness has also helped me to channel my energy better, gives me time to think about things, and build friendships and connections. It is funny to say, I used to hate yoga, and I couldn’t sit still through it. Then in my 30’s I finally began to enjoy yoga and appreciate it. Through that I took power teacher training at Core Power almost 3 years ago, and began teaching vinyasa and then transitioned into Yoga sculpt. Through teaching I gained more confidence being in front of people and enjoyed connecting with the community even more. You know how Beyonce says she has her stage persona when she performs? Well I have that when I teach. I step into someone else, which is me still. Now I teach at Pilates Proworks in South Lake Union. I really enjoy it there too.

Seattle MaryAnn StancelWhat’s your favorite thing about being an instructor?
I get into my Beyonce mode. I’ve realized that teaching gives me strength, and helps me with my public speaking and communication skills. It also allows me to show others that they can do it because I believe that movement is for everyone, it helps me to connect with others at a deeper level, create a strong loving community, and create a class that kicks people’s ass in a good way LOL. It is weird to say, but I enjoy making people sweat 😉 .

Where can we find you when you’re not teaching class?
With my dog Miles Davis, eating ice cream from Frankie and Jo’s or chocolates, at a workout class at Pilates Proworks, Baseline, Burncycle, Barry’s, on the slopes in Whistler, at home connecting with clients, creating wellness events, hosting wellness events, out and about in the city.

What’s your one piece of advice for someone who wants to live a healthier life?
Do what fits your lifestyle, and your energy your motto. Healthy living is all about what works for you. Not what the magazine or a company says you should do. So I would try all sorts of different things out to see what works for you.

What is your guilty pleasure food and/or drink?
Guilty Food – Chocolate or Frankie and Jos ice cream Drink – red wine or an espresso martini

Who is your celebrity crush?
Jason Mamosa and Chris Hemsworth

To learn more about MaryAnn you can follow her on Instagram @healthysoulfitnut.

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