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Dec 05
How to Give the Gift of Fitness (Without Offending Someone)

It’s the holidays which means it’s the season for gift giving, and you might find…

Nov 29
Seattle Black Friday Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

Below are some Seattle Black Friday deals you don’t want to miss out on! Anyone who…

Aug 27
5 Reasons to Order from a Meal Prep Company

I don’t know about you but I’ve been guilty of saying “my diet will start Monday” or…

Aug 20

Article written by Lexi Taylor of Kálon Spa in Bellevue, Washington. WHAT IS L.E.T AND…

Jul 29
Katalyst in Kirkland: A Shockingly Different Workout

When you walk by Katalyst in downtown Kirkland you may not be aware that it’s…

Jul 29
Instructor Insight – Devin Gorman

What classes do you teach & where?High Intensity Interval Training at Bassline…

Jul 29
Seattle Farmer’s Markets- When & Where to Shop

I am at the grocery store almost every single day. Yep, you read that right! Every.…

Jul 29
Instructor Insight – Anna Barrett

What classes do you teach & where?Indoor Cycling at CycleBar Redmond. How did you…

Jul 29
A Workout That Makes You Feel Like a Super Hero

Have you ever wanted the super hero power of flight? There’s a new place in town…

Jul 29
Instructor Insight – Kaitlin Hughes

What classes do you teach & where?Tues 6:45am and Thurs 10am at Cyclebar in…

Jul 29
Stepping Outside of My Comfort Zone by Walking into F45 – Kirkland

I’ve seen it in books, I’ve heard on podcasts…stepping outside your…

Jul 29
Instructor Insight – Graylynne Randolp

What classes do you teach & where?Indoor Cycle, CycleBar RTC. ow did you get into…

Jul 29
8 Tips on Finding the Right Workout for You

When it comes to finding the right workout, it can be pretty a pretty overwhelming…

Apr 03
Instructor Insight: MaryAnn Stancel

What classes do you teach? I’m a Pilate Proworks instructor in South Lake Union.…