Kaycie Foster Finding Strength And Community At High Fitness

Hi!  My name is Kaycie Foster.  I was born and raised on Hilton Head Island, SC (yes, people really do live there) but have spent the last 13 years on the west coast.  I moved to Charlotte when my husband got a job after graduating with his Masters in Fine Arts from Arizona State.  I’m happy to be back in the South!  I LOVE teaching group fitness and I’m excited to now teach in Charlotte. 

As a mom of 2 little boys (Kameron & Kolton), I NEED group fitness.  It’s my daily “ME” time and helps re-charge me to be better person, mom, wife, and friend.  It’s also literally saved me.  2 years ago, my youngest (at 9 months old) was diagnosed with cancer.  There’s nothing quite like hearing a doctor tell you that your baby has the “c” word.  My life was immediately turned upside down.  But the one thing that didn’t turn upside down were my classes.  I kept going.  I kept teaching.  And you know what I got in return?  Fitness class fundraisers (emphasis on multiple fundraisers), gifts for Kolton, meals brought in, prayers said in our behalf, monetary donations, visits at the hospital and at home, endless hugs and “You’ve got this!” messages, and I could go on and on and on.  The fitness community I had built up and surrounded myself with was unmatched.  I’m forever grateful to those students, co-instructors, and gym owners.  They truly were angels on Earth.  They got me through the hardest time of my life.  I am happy to report Kolton is now almost 3 years old.  He won his cancer battle.  His hair grew back, his smooshy body came back, and he’s growing and thriving. 

kaycie high fitness clt

I’ve been teaching group fitness for almost 5 years now (Bootcamps, Zumba, Hip Hop, Barre, etc.), but the thing I’m MOST passionate about sharing with Charlotte is High Fitness!  As a High instructor, I’m here to help you fall in love with fitness.  In High Fitness you’re going to find an uplifting community, a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly: an outlet.  Whatever you’re needing an outlet from…work, parental responsibilities, grief, depression, etc., this is the class you’re looking for!

High Fitness is an emerging leader in the group fitness industry and its growth within its 4-year existence is shocking.  High transforms old school aerobics into a highly addictive new fitness experience that combines simple, modern fitness techniques (like plyometrics, HIIT, etc.) with music you know and love!  This results in a high-energy, intense, and super fun workout that leaves participants feeling that HIGH and then wanting more.

If you decide to come to a High Fitness class (and we know you’re all coming) here’s what you will expect:

  • Strong, simple, easy-to-follow choreography
  • Plyometric-type interval training moves: jump squats, tuck jumps, burpees, etc.
  • Low, concentrated, full body toning moves that sculpt you all over
  • Fun, motivating music from all genres
  • Options given for all levels of fitness
  • People of all ages & fitness stages
  • Non-judgmental, welcoming environment
  • Guaranteed workout
  • Sweaty, fun time
  • Motivation & inspiration from instructors to push you harder than you would on your own

And who are the geniuses behind High Fitness?  Amber Zenith & Emily Nelson are the co-owners & co-creators.  They decided there was a need for a class that was not only fun, but intense too.  They both taught (and had taken) hundreds of classes and they realized they could fulfill a need in the industry.  Classes were either super intense and easy to follow OR super fun and very choreographed.  But never both.  They took a big leap of faith and created High: a hardcore, fun fitness class.  They instantly gained a huge following and tons of success!

If you want to know a little more about me…I’m a huge chocolate milk fan.  I take Taco Tuesday very seriously.  “Friends” is my favorite TV show and no matter how many times I’ve seen the final episode, I cry every time.  (Just ask my husband.)  I want to be besties with Joanna Gaines.  I love reading and even work for a children’s book company.  *Nsync or BSB?  *Nsync.  Duh.  I play the piano and love to sing.  My pipe dream is to become a dolphin trainer.  I’m a Disney fanatic and have proudly passed that down to my children.  I’m not a Pinterest mom and have mad respect for people that are.  I love the beach.  Follow Jennifer Garner on IG…you’ll thank me.  My favorite is time with my husband and boys.  I’m better because they’re a part of me.  

Catch me hosting class at Bodyworx in Noda starting this Saturday at 11am and at Urban MVMNT (grand opening event is March 23rd – stay tuned for more details!). No need to sign-up in advance, just pay at the door! $6 for SweatNET members and $10 for non, login to redeem!