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Mar 19
Meditations: Grounding Mountain Meditation w/ Jaimis Huff

Join Jaimis and learn to stay steady through seasons, storms and change in this…

Mar 16
Meditations: Find Focus w/ Jaimis Huff

Join Jaimis to find your focus and center yourself in this 15-minute guided meditation.

Mar 16
Meditations: Gratitude w/ Jaimis Huff

Join Jaimis to find gratitude in the present moment in this 16-minute guided meditation.

Mar 16
Meditations: Calm w/ Carianna Lynne

Join Carianna and focus in to let your mind settle and come to single point of…

Jan 08
Meditations: Release Stress w/ Carianna Lynne

Join Carianna and let go of tension, stress and what no longer serves you as you…

Dec 10
Cross Training Your Way to Finding Joy

Cross Training.  Athletic training in sports other than the athlete’s usual…

Dec 04
Hygge Meditation

Enjoy this live 17 minute meditation led by Carianna Hebert (The Remedy) at Hygge Camp…

Nov 07
What You Need to Know Before Visiting This Australian-Based Fitness Studio in Charlotte

If you are familiar with the Charlotte fitness scene, then more likely than not,…

Nov 04
Are You A Conscious Speaker And Listener?

Have you heard of the 19th c. Hungarian physician, Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis? Probably not,…

Oct 25
Getting Down To The Core

The core’s (your body’s mid section) main functions are to stabilize the trunk of the…

Oct 17
5 Fitness Habits You Should Reconsider

When it comes to creating a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, your habits can literally…

Oct 15
Training Tips for New Runners

If you’re new to running and are preparing for a race, training can seem…

Oct 10
Overtraining: When it Comes to Running, How Much is Too Much?

The simple definition of overtraining is not allowing enough recovery time between…

Oct 09
5 Benefits of Training with Kettlebells

We all know that I love kettlebells, and yes I am that dude in the gym that is doing…

Oct 07
Just Because You Feel Like a Fraud Doesn’t Mean You Are One

Hi! This is my best impersonation of someone who has their shit together. FYI –…

Oct 04
Studying The History of Yoga Could Be Limb 1.5 in Patanjali’s Eightfold Path

What if I told you that 250+ asanas were revealed to meditating yogis 10,000 years ago…

Oct 03
Mindfulness to Improve Recovery

In today’s busy world we are constantly moving fast and multi-tasking.  The mind…

Oct 02
Why Kinesthetic Awareness Matters

Most of us give little thought to how our bodies move on a daily basis, or where we…

Sep 27
The Secret to Achieving Your Fitness Goals

We have trained a lot of people here at Pride, to date over 1,200. While training that…

Sep 18
What The Heck Is Ayurveda?

What the heck is Ayurveda? In recent years, Ayurveda has gained popularity, and at…