Chakti yoga charlotte fitnessChakti yoga charlotte fitness

Let Chakti Yoga Change Your Life

For weeks I’ve been working on a letter, trying to put my love and gratitude for Chakti yoga into words for an upcoming training. An effort to pay homage to the positive changes the practice has brought into my life and my intentions to adequately give the same to others.
I’ve been struggling.

Writers block.

I think I’m afraid that I can’t say it just right, or that my words won’t do the evolution my soul has experienced justice.

This morning while in savasana it hit me; Chakti gave me a smile. A smile that’s bigger and brighter and more wholesome than ever before (pictured here). I am still the same person, the same soul packaged in my body, but I have grown so much over the past three years. My smile looks sooo different.

Chakti keeps me grounded, open, loving, creative, grateful, humble, conscious, and genuine.

Chakti has given me the ability to love deeper, amazing friends, confidence, spirit, growth, clarity and passion.

I’m grateful for my personal journey and so excited to have found so much more than expected in my yoga practice. It’s more than a workout, it’s my smile!

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