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Hello Grand Rapids heath & wellness community! I am so incredibly excited about this opportunity to share my story and also start to get to know all of the beautiful people who make up this SweatNET community. I guess I should start with a little bit about myself! I graduated from Grand Valley State University with my Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, am a certified personal trainer through ACSM and a certified strength and conditioning specialist through NSCA. I am also heading back to school to get my Master’s in applied exercise science with a concentration in strength and conditioning! My love for being active started when I was little. I grew up a studio dancer, continued into college for two years, and then became a coach after my time dancing had ended. Along side of being active through dance, I got myself into the gym to aid in my strength, flexibility and mobility. When I stopped dancing myself and became a coach is when I really got into it. Exercise for me became a way to stay healthy and active, but also a way for me to stay sane. For the kids I coached, exercise became the way to become the best of the best. I have had the opportunity to work in gyms with middle school, high school, semi professional, and professional athletes and I am so thankful for those opportunities! Aside from athletics, I have had the opportunity to train with kids and adults throughout our community and the drive and dedication and passion that Grand Rapids has for health and wellness warms my heart. Again, i cannot wait to get to know all of you wonderful people!

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David D. Hunting YMCA, Lake Michigan Drive Northwest, Grand Rapids, MI, USA