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Prioritize Self-Care at Refresh Wellness

During the winter months, I always seek out wellness services that help my body feel rejuvenated and more lively. Self-care is so important in the winter, especially given the shorter days, lack of sunlight, and frigid temps. I’m so glad I discovered Refresh Wellness and the variety of natural, holistic services they offer. The moment I step in the door, I immediately notice the calm and serene environment. The colors, decor, and music are relaxing and peaceful. Also, there’s a designated room for each service with plenty of privacy, so you can easily zen out and enjoy time to yourself.


refresh wellness

The mission of Refresh Wellness is to inspire health awakening within everyone and to promote healing and preventative self-care practices. The team, Andrea and Michelle, are so welcoming and dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain your health goals. Andrea, the owner, recently took over Refresh Wellness and is originally from Grand Rapids. She’s passionate about natural healing modalities and incorporates many into her own life. If you’re hesitant about some of the services or not sure what to expect, Andrea and Michelle will walk you through everything and make you feel completely comfortable. Here’s a little more about each service offered and why they’re so beneficial.

Red Light Therapy

red light therapy

At first glance, you might think it’s a tanning bed, but there’s nothing harmful about getting your rehab on with red light therapy. The bulbs use low-level wavelengths to reach all layers of the skin, blood vessels, and lymph system. It has a therapeutic impact and helps to restore our cells. It also increases collagen production (yay for healthier, younger skin), helps with muscle recovery, weight loss, reduces inflammation, joint pain, and much more! If you need a boost during the winter, the red light reduces depression, fatigue, and SAD (Seasonal Depression Disorder).

red light therapy

After my first 20 minute session, I felt more energized and way less sore–it feels great after a hard workout. I try to schedule time every week in the red light bed. It gives a much needed mental boost and I love the therapeutic effects. Just laying in the bed feels heavenly and truly rejuvenating during the winter season.

Ionic Footbaths

Soaking your feet in a tub with plastic lining and an electronic gizmo may seem alarming,  but it’s completely safe and really detoxifying. Ionic foot baths energize the cells and organs by electrically charging the electromagnetic fields within the body so that they can carry out their function. Since our bodies are electric by nature, you can think of it as charging your batteries.

A few benefits of the Ionic footbath include improved circulation and lymph flow, balanced energy pathways, and increased energy levels. It also boosts immunity, improves quality of sleep, helps relieve migraines and headaches, and stimulates the body to detoxify chemicals and heavy metals.

ionic footbath
ionic footbath

During my footbath, it was fascinating to watch the tub turn colors according to the area of my body being detoxified. Mine was definitely a more brownish/black color, which means that I was mainly detoxifying the liver. It actually felt really relaxing and the little tingles of electricity were energizing and restorative. I loved all the plants in the room, the comfy chairs, and the salt crystals–the perfect ambiance for healing and relaxation.

Detox Mineral Wrap

If you’ve ever wanted to give yourself a quick and efficient whole body detox, then you must try the Detox Mineral Wrap. Mineral wraps are great for shrinking fat cells, increasing circulation/cardiovascular function, lymphatic drainage, smoothing and tightening the skin, reducing cellulite, energizing, and detoxifying. Michelle, an experienced technician at Refresh Wellness, made me feel completely comfortable and was very thorough in explaining the process.

Mineral wraps work by compressing the body in soft, porous, wraps that are soaked in an all-natural mineral solution. The minerals infuse the body with an incredibly high-quality, absorbable form of minerals that help the body release toxins stored in fat tissue. They’re released through the skin by sweating while laying in a dome infrared sauna.

Michelle initially took my measurements from my legs all the way to my chest. She wrote down about 15 total to compare the before and after of inches lost. Then she carefully wrapped me head to toe and poured the mineral solution over the wraps. I did not feel suffocated or uncomfortable; both the wraps and solution were warm and calming. I relaxed in the sauna for about 30 minutes and Michelle checked on me a few times to see how I was doing. You can easily fall asleep and it feels so good.

Afterward, she unwrapped me and documented my measurements again. I lost 8.5 inches total off my body and about 1 inch off my waist–I was truly amazed! This is not a temporary loss –you will see permanent results and you’re encouraged to schedule three mineral wraps for optimal results. Afterward, I felt lighter and the wrap had a noticeable, almost euphoric effect. Drink a ton of water and be sure to take it easy, as your body will be in detox mode for the next 24 hours.

Infrared Sauna Therapy

There’s nothing better than resting in an infrared sauna and getting that sweaty glow. The sauna at Refresh Wellness feels like you’re at the spa and it’s super zen. After getting situated in my plush, comfy towel, I love cranking up the heat, zoning out, and just giving my body some much-needed self-care.

Infrared saunas can release 20% of toxins through sweat alone (like heavy metals and environmental stress)  compared to only 3% with traditional saunas. They also raise the core body temperature and penetrate several inches into the tissue. I usually book a session anywhere from 30-40 minutes and relish in the many benefits:


-Pain relief and inflammation

-Weight loss (can burn 600 calories per session)

-Skin purification (mine literally glows when I’m finished as has that healthy flush)

-Helps fight infection and improves immunity

-Improves circulation and cardiovascular function

-Relaxes and restores

You’ll love the lack of distractions and it’s seriously such a treat. Afterward, towel off, enjoy some lemon water and conquer the rest of your day with that post-sauna glow.

I cannot emphasize enough how much I love Refresh Wellness and their amazing wellness service. If you haven’t stopped in, be sure to book your next appointment ASAP. 2019 is the year of self-care, and holistic + natural wellness is the best way to treat yourself. They offer several new client specials and packages that are reasonably priced and definitely worth your time. You can find all the information on the Refresh Wellness websiteor give them a call (616-430-2254) to schedule your 1st appointment!