An Inside Look At One of Cornelius’ Newest Studios: C2Fhit

We went to C2 FHIT in Huntersville and got in a KILLER workout. Check out all you need to know in this Studio Highlight!

Classes Offered
Total-Body High Intensity Training with exercises that change daily

Skill Level

Class Size

45 minutes

Equipment Needed / Attire
Any clothing you feel comfortable sweating in
A water bottle

C2 FHIT is a concept born from the owners of CrossFit Cornelius and located in a building less than 200 feet away from it’s parent concept. C2 FHIt was created to provide a more welcoming version of CrossFit, for those who still want a full-body, intensive workout, but aren’t necessarily looking to increase their lifting max.

When you first walk into C2 FHIT, the garage-style space is filled with equipment such as rowing machines, weights, medicine balls, and booty bands, to name a few. They have a whiteboard on the wall briefing the day’s workout, which includes a warm-up, and two rounds of high-intensity intervals.

The overall look and feel of the gym says, “It’s Go Time,”  which is the perfect mood for just plain ole Sweating. It. Out.  

The class starts with a 5 minute warm-up designed to loosen your muscles. While there are some time constraints, you truly are able to go at your own pace during the warm-up to allow your body to prepare in the way it needs to.

Rounds 1 and 2 of the work out, splits everyone into groups and includes around 3-4 different moves per group, that you alternate between, for 45 seconds-1 minute, for 15-20 minutes of work. Group 1 goes through their set of exercises,while Group 2 works on theirs and at the end of a 5-minute interval, you switch groups. Each day, the exercises change, but you can be sure that each one chosen, is guaranteed to get your muscles burning. Our trainer and co-owner of both C2 FHIT and CrossFit Cornelius, Kristin, led us through the 5-minutes, telling us when to switch, when to take a quick rest, and provided form corrections. Before each round of exercises, she also demonstrated each move, so you knew exactly what to do and could understand what each move should look like.

Once the timer runs up, everyone comes  into a circle for a final stretch.

My favorite part of this class was the encouragement from everyone. When people would return from their runs, the other group would be clapping them in. While we were all dying during wall-sits, everyone was talking to each other and encouraging one another on. As you passed to the other side of the room, everyone you passed would offer a high five. I wasn’t lifting very heavy weights, and I wasn’t the first person to finish my sets, but not once did I feel embarrassed or ashamed of my limitations. I love the culture that bootcamps bring, because it always feels like a community of people working out together, rather than a group of individuals just trying to out lift the other, and C2 FHIT was no exception to this culture.

So, if you are looking for a workout that challenges you, yet allows you to control your pace, and a community of people to lift you up during your workout, C2 FHIT is a gym that you should definitely NOT overlook.

If you have more questions, call them here: 704-408-1583

Check out their space: 20850 Catawba Ave, Cornelius, NC 28031

If you’re a SweatNET member you can get a drop-in class for $15 (normally $20)! Plus you can get a free trial class when you sign-up on their website! Check out all the deals here.