Love Shaking Up Your Fitness Routine? Give This Studio a Try!

Went to the beautiful Ebb & Flow in NoDa. Check out their Studio Highlight Below!!

Classes Offered




Pilates Reformer and Tower Classes

Dance Classes- Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, Afro Russe Dance, and more!



Skill Level

Beginner-Intermediate. While there are some available classes that are more suited for advanced Pilates students and Dancers, most of the classes are led with instruction that is welcoming and done at a pace that beginners and more experienced students alike can follow and benefit from.

Class Size

Pilates classes range from 1-4, while the group fitness classes house a larger group.


1 hour

Equipment Needed / Attire

Clothes you are comfortable sweating in.

Water bottle to stay hydrated!

One of my favorite types of workouts in the world are those that blend cardio and dance. When I saw that Ebb & Flow honors that amalgamation of movement, I knew that this is a studio that just gets it. Ebb & Flow Movement Studio truly brings movement to Charlotte in a way that isn’t currently present. They offer Gyrokinesis classes, which is a style of movement I haven’t found at any other studio, and more functional fitness in the form of a full-hour of solely kettlebell work.

Located in a developing part of NoDa, the studio stands out in the midst of new apartment buildings and brewery renovations. Right from the moment you step out of your car, the mood has been set, as you access the building by walking through a wide alley of string lights from the parking lot  to the front door. Walking in, you are instantly enveloped by a feeling of calm and comfort. Lauren, the owner, greeted us warmly at the front desk, checked us in, and then gave a brief tour of the beautiful spa-meets-bungalow-inspired space. The group fitness/dance space is wide and framed by a wall of mirrors, while the Pilates room is one of the most aesthetically pleasing I’ve ever seen, with a healthy amount of equipment spaced in a way that would never be the cause of a claustrophobic reaction.

The Pilates Reformer + Tower class, is truly the perfect way to start out a morning. It’s the perfect toning and practice-perfecting exercise with little-to-no sweat that will give you a good, yet gentle burn before heading to work/starting the rest of your day.  For the tower portion of the class you’ll perform intentional, core and stretching exercises, with an emphasis on stretch. If you’ve ever taken a Pilates class, you are probably familiar with reformer tables. What makes Ebb & Flow unique, is that throughout the exercise, the instructors will offer an explanation behind each movement, along with interesting tidbits on the history of Pilates and the history behind the design of the equipment being used.

Since Pilates places such a heavy emphasis on breathing and the placement of your body, the instructors will help you correct form through both physical and spoken guiding. If you’re feeling any pain or discomfort, let them know! The instructors can lead you through a recovery in the form of a quick round of myofascial recovery via foam roller massages that will target the area. If you have a spot that needs a little extra attention, they have a massage therapist on site!

Finishing with a quick, yet thorough wipe down of the equipment with the best smelling cleaner I’ve ever been introduced to. The signature scent is just an added bonus to the clear emphasis on cleanliness at Ebb & Flow.

All-in-all, this is a studio that I would return to again and again. They provide a blend of exercises that I already love and want to learn more about, in a space that I could see myself just coming to hang out in. I truly cannot wait to return and try every single one of their classes.

If you’re also someone who loves shaking up their fitness routine, and loves a studio that is constantly offering something new, then Ebb & Flow is the perfect place for you to do just that. Check out their chic and hip space: 2116 North Davidson Street, Unit C, Charlotte, North Carolina 28205, or give them a call to schedule a much-needed massage: (980)613-8530.

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