#SWEATDATE: Club Pilates is for Every Body

We checked out Club Pilates South Providence for a CP Reformer Flow 1.5 class with Jan Correll of @silver_isthenewblonde. CP South Providence is located in Promenade on Providence and there is plenty of parking available! Upon arrival, we were greeted by the friendly front desk staff and Stacey, our instructor. Stacey walked us through the Pilates reformer machine before class so we felt more comfortable once we got started.

The Reformer Flow 1.5 class incorporated the Pilates reformer, floor work on the mat, the springboard and the chair. The combination of equipment provides a wide range of motion training and maximizes the effectiveness of your class. It was a full-body, low-impact workout helping to create a strong foundation of balance, strength, mobility and flexibility. No matter your age, size or fitness goals, Pilates is truly for every person.

If you’re a first timer, they prefer you start with a level 1 class and work your way up. You will need sticky socks to use on the reformer for your class. You can either bring your own pair or purchase them at Club Pilates when you arrive.

CP South Providence offers a wide variety of classes. You can learn more about those classes on their website. Along with their Pilates group classes, CP South Providence also offers private Pilates training if you are looking for individualized guidance.

You can read more about Jan Correll’s experience with Club Pilates in a recent blog article she wrote for SweatNET here. Your first class at is free and SweatNET members can drop into Club Pilates South Providence for only $15 (save $10)!! Learn more here.