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The Secret to Achieving Your Fitness Goals

We have trained a lot of people here at Pride, to date over 1,200. While training that many people we have seen it all, people who need strength and people who need more cardio, people who need to lose weight and people who need to gain weight, people who need to work on mobility and people who are so flexible they need to work on stability. About 99% of the people we have trained all needed strength training to help solve their problems and issues and help them achieve their goals. In the end, strength is the answer to almost all your problems…both physical and mental!

From runners training for everything from half marathons to 100 mile ultras, from from young girls to ladies over 50, from guys looking to lose 50 pounds and especially guys looking to add 10 pounds of muscle, all of these people needed more strength training. There are so many myths and misconceptions about strength training, that it will make runners slow, that it will make girls big and bulky, that skinny people can’t gain muscle, and all of these are bullshit.

Runners and endurance athletes still need strength training to prevent injuries. We do a lot of single leg and lateral movements with our endurance athletes, and we do weighted core work and weighted plyometric work with them too. All of these methods help keep runners and endurance athletes strong and healthy while pounding out hundreds of miles, especially when they begin to feel fatigue setting in, this is when athletes have mental lapses in their form and that is when injuries happen, or simply stepping on uneven ground, a stronger athlete can handle that uneven ground where a weaker athlete can be easily injured.

Ladies of ALL AGES need strength training! You want a nice butt and you want to drop some fat off the backs of those arms (spot training doesn’t work but hear me out), you need to do more strength training and lots of lower body strength training to achieve those goals. You work the biggest muscle groups to get the biggest caloric burn, so yes you work the legs to drop fat off the arms. You want to drop fat, you need muscle to burn it. You want to burn calories and fat at an accelerated rate, you need to get faster on the bike and the rower and you need to be able to push the sled faster and heavier, you need more strength training. We have seen this literally hundreds of times, ladies who cannot push the airbike or the rower at proper speeds to get their heart rate into the 80% zone, they cannot push the bike because they are too weak, and the answer to this is more strength training!

Guys looking to drop fat, get off the treadmill and get in the squat rack!!! Guys, if you want to a six pack and a big chest and round shoulders, you need strength training! Guys over 50, your testosterone is dropping every single week, and one of the best ways to naturally boost testosterone is to pick up heavy weight! Bootcamp style workouts are only going to get you results to a certain point, they will not get you the physique or the results you want without serious strength training. And guys, if you are looking to add 10 to 20 pounds of muscle, and you’re super skinny, it is possible, but you’re going to have to eat more than you’ve ever eaten in your life and you’re going to have to lift! Guys looking to get rid of that “dad-bod”, let me show you how to deadlift properly, let me show you how to clean and jerk a barbell and in six months you’ll be showing off at the pool!

We push strength training here at Pride because it is the answer to almost ever single persons problems and it is the best way to achieve your goals. In the end, strength is the answer!

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