What My First Dance Fitness Class Was Like

A couple of weeks ago, I tried out my FIRST dance fitness class (ever). SHOCKING, I know. I have tried almost every type of workout you can do in Charlotte but I have purposely been avoiding dance classes at all costs. Whenever I think about dance classes, I have terrible flashbacks to my youth when my parents forced me in the car to go to ballet (that didn’t last long as I kicked and screamed the entire way there). Anywho, we’ll get on with the workout.

My first dance class was at Jazzercise Charlotte (in ParkTowne Village located across from Park Rd. Shopping Center). I’m actually extremely glad that my first dance fitness class was at Jazzercise. And I know what you’re thinking *…Jazzercise lol???* Surprisingly enough, all of the song they play are top hits and mostly pop music that you’d hear on the radio (not jazz like I was expecting lol).

Parking was easy and upon walking in, everyone was extremely welcoming – not once did I feel out of place. The moves were easy to learn and the instructor was incredibly fun and engaging. The class I took was ‘Dance MIXX,’ 35 minutes of dance-based cardio followed by 25 minutes of major muscle group strengthening using bodyweight and hand weights. I won’t lie, I had a lot of fun and didn’t stop dancing even when I got home.

No matter if you’re 14 or 64, Jazzercise is truly for everybody. You don’t need to know how to dance. If you’re nervous, you simply have to GO! After class, you’ll be glad you went.

xx, Erin (aka the girl who learned she does have some rhythm)

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