Your Guide to Grown Up Spring Break (and Reclaiming Your 2000’s Glory)

As adults, most of us don’t get to enjoy spring break the way we did back in the day, before real jobs, real bills and SPF 50+.  Most of us don’t even have a “spring break” anymore (except for teachers, aka the real MVPs who deserve spring break for life).  Nowadays, instead of Cancun, you literally cannot, because sleep>sunburn.  Instead of blasting Uncle Luke through your sub as you cruise down the strip at the Dirty Myrtle, you’re looking forward to dropping off your kids with Aunt Kelly for a few hours. Instead of having a margarita made in your mouth, you’re flossing your teeth after every meal, because flossing is a thing you do now. You get it. And we get it. And while it may be unrealistic to completely check out from your real world responsibilities, don’t let that  stop you from creating your own version of spring break, because YOLO.  If that margarita-in-your-mouth flashback made you equal parts nostalgic and nauseous, check out our tips on how to reclaim spring break, sans hangover.

SPRING BREAK THROWBACK: THE JAM: CLT head instructor Erica and Community Director LaToya in 2000-something. Very dressed up. Obviously a classy event.

Blow off steam without blowing your budget

As a member of SweatNET, you’re already ahead of the game, because just like us, saving a dolla’ makes you holla’. Find a fitness class that offers a free session or a good deal for first timers and check it out.  A perfect opportunity to ball on a budget is our upcoming Spring Break Class, because it’s FREE for newbies! Click HERE for the deets.

SPRING BREAK THROWBACK: Listen closely and you can hear LFO playing in the background of this picture of marketing director Jess.

Don’t over plan-leave room for relaxing, like, lots of room. Like a whole couch worth of room.

Netflix and literally chill. Grab your best blanket, crank the AC and settle in for a solid binge. You’ll know you’re doing it right when Netflix asks if you’re still watching and you don’t even know anymore because you’ve faded into that sweet spot of half-asleepness.

Balance calories with cardio

We will forever advocate for treating yo’self, and indulging is best served without a side of worrying about whether or not you can pass off yoga pants as business casual attire post-indulging.  We did some math, and by our calculations, one serving of Jeni’s ice cream takes approximately one hour of twerking to burn off. And y’all know where you can twerk for one full hour? THE JAM: CLT. So if you wanna  get you some of that yum yum chocolate chip, honey dip- you can get a scoop.

Get outside

Pick a sunny day and have lunch in the park instead of scarfing down your salad in your cubicle. Take your dog to a dog bar for some socializing that you’ll both enjoy.  Soaking up sunshine increases serotonin levels, so get out there! Just remember to pregame outdoor activities with sunscreen and an antihistamine, because spring.

SPRING BREAK THROWBACK: Whatcha putting in that drink, Maggie?

Have fun, shamelessly

Recreate those days of cruising down the strip by turning up the bass and rolling down the windows as you sit in traffic on South Blvd. If you drive a convertible, lay that top back, and if you drive a jeep-when you pull up to a red light, please make sure to ask the person in the car beside you  “beep beep, who got the keys to the jeep?” and then make that “vrooooom” sound as you drive away. And then come to THE JAM: CLT and tell us all about it, because we will basically consider you to be a living legend. 

SPRING BREAK THROWBACK: Operations director Marlo living her best foam-party-in-Cancun life.

Our annual Spring Break class, partnered with Yelp Charlotte will be held at Camp North End, Thursday 4/18 at 6:30pm. Bring your next of kin, your sister and your friend, and if it’s your first class, make sure to RSVP via Yelp HERE  for a free class pass! Break out your neon workout pants and prepare to break it down MTV Beach house style.. Also, if the light rail had a stop at Camp North End, this would be a perfect opportunity to tell you to “come on ride the train, and ride it,”  but it doesn’t. So don’t do that. Drive a car instead. There’s plenty of parking. #Springbreakforever

We still got it.