Beats Bumping, Lights Flashing — Check Out The First and Only Versaclimber Studio in Charlotte

Have you ever been to a fitness studio that feels more like you’re in a nightclub? We have and guess what?! It’s right here in Charlotte.

Savage Mountain is the first and only Versaclimber studio in the greater Charlotte area, located just five minutes past Carowinds in Steele Creek.

So…what is a Versaclimber? The Versaclimber is a cardio machine that mimics a similar movement pattern of climbing. The machine itself has been around for years, but boutique Versaclimber studios have become a new favorite workout, even for celebrities in Hollywood and New York City (just ask Lebron James).

The Versaclimber classes at Savage Mountain are just 30 minutes, but that’s truly all you need! The workout is an entire full-body blast, working not only your legs and arms but your core as well. Despite being a high-intensity workout with lots of cardio, the versaclimber provides low-impact which is great for putting less stress on your joints.

Next up, the instructors. All of the instructors at Savage Mountain are high-energy and will motivate you like no other. If the music and incredible lighting don’t keep you going, they certainly will help by giving you a boost of encouragement.

Check out our #SWEATDATE above to learn more about Savage Mountain! SweatNET members can drop into Savage Mountain and save $5!