Dump Your Relationship with Food

All of us are on a health journey. Before you stop reading because I used the word “journey” just hang on.

Whether you are big or small, young or old, you have been on a health journey since you’ve been able to understand the concept of good and “bad” food. I put quotes around “bad” because food does not need to have more on a negative connotation attached to it than it already does. When you take the relationship out of food and focus on the facts you are able to have a mindset shift and see food as fuel.

Just as a car needs gas to go, our bodies need food (FUEL) to operate. Our bodies operate differently based on the type of food you are fueling it with.

It’s no secret that you don’t feel as great after a night full of pizza and soda/beer as you would after a day of clean eating, getting in all the fruits, veggies and lean protein. That doesn’t mean pizza, soda and beer are bad, they just need to be enjoyed in moderation.

So many people struggle with the relationship side of food. I am talking about the stress eaters, eating out of boredom and people who reward themselves with food. I’ll be the first to say that I struggled in ALL of these categories. It is hard to have the mindset shift but it is possible.

OK by this point you are probably thinking, how do I achieve that mindset shift? I am so glad you asked! Part of the coaching I offer specifically targets this mindset shift. The program I coach offers educational materials that will help you build one healthy habit at a time. Achieving health is not just about how your body looks on the outside, but also about your gut health on the inside. Overall health means not only getting your body healthy but your mind too — the skinny butt just comes with it. Once you are able to get your mind healthy, opportunities are limitless.

I challenge you to identify what type of relationship you have with the foods you eat this week. Work on viewing food as fuel!

If you have any questions or want to know more please feel free to reach out! I have a passion for helping people become the healthiest version of themselves. I’d love to coach you. It all starts with a free health assessment.

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