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Oct 05
Dump Your Relationship with Food

All of us are on a health journey. Before you stop reading because I used the word…

Sep 05
Preparing for Race Day

You’ve put in the training, paid attention to your nutrition and are ready to…

Aug 22
Everything You Need to Know About the NEW Nutrition Label

In recent months you might have started to notice a new nutrition label appearing on…

Jul 25
How to Make Weight Loss Permanent

By Nicole Terwey Certified Life Coach, Weight Coach, Fitness Coach, & Lieutenant…

Jul 03
5 Fitness Lessons from Beyoncé

2019 Foreward: We first shared our Beyoncé fitness tips after the THE JAM: CLT’s…

Jul 03
The 30-Second Stretching Rule

WITH MATTHEW H. DOBLER, PA-C, ATC It’s common to see runners at the start of a race…

Jun 25
Recovery for Adult Athletes

One of the most important, yet overlooked aspects of any exercise or training program…