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Katalyst in Kirkland: A Shockingly Different Workout

When you walk by Katalyst in downtown Kirkland you may not be aware that it’s actually a workout facility. When you peer inside you will not see dumbbells, treadmills, or any other exercise equipment you normally would see in a gym. In fact, it looks like there’s absolutely nothing in there that equals workout. But guess what, you will see some “suits” hanging, and they hold the secret to your next 20 minutes.

What is Katalyst then if it’s not some big fancy gym and what workout do they provide?

It’s a 20-minute personalized EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) training experience designed to make it easier to achieve your health and fitness goals. You’re now probably scratching your head saying “huh?” Let’s breakdown the experience for ya.

Just like every other gym you need to fill out a form. Next, you are handed a black bag and then directed towards the changing rooms. This is where you’ll change and only wear the contents of the black bag (black shorts and top). Yes, you’ll feel awkward the first time changing into it because the material is thin but good news… its NOT transparent.

Once changed, it’s time to put the EMS jacket on. You’ll notice that the trainer is adding water to each of the pads. This allows the electrical current to move from the pad to your muscle.

Finally after being suited up, you’ll be handed two rolled hand towels. These are your weights for the day. Your trainer will ask you if there is a specific muscle group that you want to focus on, and I always default to glutes, core, and biceps.

You’ll stand in front of mirror and your trainer will tell you to take a base, and so it begins! You’ll begin to feel little pulses throughout your body. This is the stimulation from the suit. In your first session they are monitoring what levels work best for you. Fun fact, your first two sessions are free!

Throughout the 20 minutes the pulses get more intense but it’s nothing super alarming, it’s actually pretty cool to feel your muscles actually contract like they would when you lift weights.

When you’re done you’ll walk away feeling like you didn’t do anything but just you wait. Within 24-48 hours you will actually be sore like you spent two hours in a gym.

The Katalyst experience is a great supplement to any workout. It definitely helps to ensure you are utilizing the mind to muscle connection, and actually getting muscles firing.

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We promise you’ll have a shockingly good time!