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Rachel Rivers

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Fitness has brought so much joy to my life!

I started strength training and running the trails on my family farm in high school, and it’s been a part of my routine ever since. Being physically healthy has not only given me physical strength, it’s given me the creativity, the joy, and the mental flexibility to become the fullest version of myself.

One of the most incredible blessings from my fitness journey has been the relationships I have built and grown, from my OG gym buddy (Hi Mom!), to friendships that have only begun to take root.

Want to hang out? I love the new adventures that my Sweatnet membership has to offer. Find me at the next yoga or strength training session. Or catch me running in the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon, or at Wednesday Night Hills and Stairs.

When I’m not working up a sweat, I’m probably hanging out with my family and cooking us up some healthy eats.

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Lowell, West Main Street, Lowell, MI 49331, USA