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Mar 19
Meditations: Grounding Mountain Meditation w/ Jaimis Huff

Join Jaimis and learn to stay steady through seasons, storms and change in this…

Mar 16
Meditations: Find Focus w/ Jaimis Huff

Join Jaimis to find your focus and center yourself in this 15-minute guided meditation.

Mar 16
Meditations: Gratitude w/ Jaimis Huff

Join Jaimis to find gratitude in the present moment in this 16-minute guided meditation.

Mar 16
Meditations: Calm w/ Carianna Lynne

Join Carianna and focus in to let your mind settle and come to single point of…

Jan 27
Setting Attainable AND Sustainable Goals

January seems like the perfect time to talk about setting attainable AND sustainable…

Jan 08
Meditations: Release Stress w/ Carianna Lynne

Join Carianna and let go of tension, stress and what no longer serves you as you…

Dec 04
Hygge Meditation

Enjoy this live 17 minute meditation led by Carianna Hebert (The Remedy) at Hygge Camp…

Nov 13
Live Informed, Not in Fear

We may have to practice social distancing for a while, but that doesn’t mean emotional…

Oct 05
Dump Your Relationship with Food

All of us are on a health journey. Before you stop reading because I used the word…

Sep 12
3 Myths and 1 Truth About Meditation

Have you ever been encouraged to try meditation? Maybe wondered what it would be like…

Sep 10
JamsCity: Bringing Mindfulness to Public Schools

Last year around the holidays, I was rolling towels before class with my coworker…

Sep 03
Child at Heart

‘The kid in me,’ ‘I’m a child at heart,’ ‘I’ll never grow up.’ All common phrases we…

Sep 02
4 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle With A Desk Job

Maintaining a good work/life balance is so important for your health and so is being…

Sep 02
Meal Prepping – DIY vs Professional Services

Meal prepping can be a drag – it takes time, money, and not to mention: a ton of…

Aug 09
Healthy Mindset: How It Affects Your Goals

So, you’ve decided to lead a healthier lifestyle— but what is your focus? The purpose…

Aug 06
Summer Fitness Event Highlight: Barre N’ Beats w/ Barre Code GR

We hope you had as much fun as we did coming together for an amazing Barre N’…

Jul 25
How to Make Weight Loss Permanent

By Nicole Terwey Certified Life Coach, Weight Coach, Fitness Coach, & Lieutenant…

Jul 07
Meditations: Yoga Nidra w/ Claire Santos

Yoga Nidra is a practice of deep relaxation. Tired and need energy or want to get into…

Jul 03
5 Fitness Lessons from Beyoncé

2019 Foreward: We first shared our Beyoncé fitness tips after the THE JAM: CLT’s…

Jun 25
Recovery for Adult Athletes

One of the most important, yet overlooked aspects of any exercise or training program…