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We Love Our Community

"I LOVE SweatNET sooooo much!!

It keeps me more motivated than anything else I've tried over the years. And the community is priceless! The events are ALWAYS fun too!!"

Jamie A. | Seattle

"I absolutely LOVE SweatNET!

It is so fun to try new and exciting workouts each week! It really gets you out of your comfort zone! Thanks so much for all the discounts and free classes!"

Kelly M. | Seattle

"This group is a really fun thing.

I have never really done yoga before, but since I started doing Sweatnet, I have seen that it can be a really good way to enjoy a workout."

Tim E.

"SweatNET has been so impactful to my wellness journey.

It has provided me the opportunity to try all of the various fitness classes/studios and connect with people who are focused on improving their health."

Laketa A.