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May 24
What is MY WHY?

Over the course of the last several months, since I opened Turn & Burn Fitness,…

May 15
Lizzy vs. Lupus, Guess Who Wins?

For many people who struggle with a chronic disease, it can be difficult to cope with…

May 14
What Actually is BUDOKON?

Budokon (ˈbuːdəʊˌkɒn  ) noun, trademark – a self-help program based on Japanese…

May 11
When You Don’t Want To

It’s 5:00 p.m. and I’m staring at my sports bra, yet again. Everything wants me to not…

May 01
What is SweatNET and should I join?

If you have been wondering “What is SweatNET and how the heck do I join SweatNET…

Feb 28
Getting Past The Fear of Group Fitness

We all have those friends that we simply cannot convince to come with us to class.…

Feb 03
5 Reasons Boxing is My New Favorite Workout (Video)

End of year deadlines. Extra holiday pounds. And a nocturnal puppy. If I had to rate…

Jan 31
Halotherapy: from its beginnings to now

What is Halo (Salt) Therapy and where does it come from? Halotherapy (Halo, the Greek…

Dec 11
The Discipline of Rest

It’s time we address the overwhelming population of fitness enthusiasts who push (and…

Nov 21

I essentially took the month of October off from clean eating and just enjoyed. I…

Nov 03
Crossfit Dilworth