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Cel Smart

Welcome to the Be Amazing Podcast hosted by Cel Smart, a wife, mother, fitness professional, podcaster, community builder and creator of the Be Amazing Weekend. At the age of 11 Cel was told by her doctor that she was overweight to the point of being very unhealthy, and this began a cycle of body image issues that continued into adulthood. As a young mother her self confidence hit an all time low following a sudden divorce, and it wasn’t until she was introduced to the world of fitness that she was able to begin her journey of self-care, love and development. It took decades, but once Cel had rebuilt her confidence and her life, she made it her mission to become a leader in the women empowerment movement through her passion of fitness. In an effort to impact  more lives and inspire more women, Cel started the Be Amazing Podcast. The Be Amazing Podcast is a collection of interviews intended to share the stories of women from all walks of live, with the goal of inspiring listeners to keep striving to become the best version of themselves. 

Our mission is to…

Celebrate, motivate, and inspire community through health and fitness empowering women from all walks of life to share their stories and continue striving to become the best version of themselves

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